Richmond Olympic Oval: Encore Public Skate

Today was the second last day that the Richmond Olympic Oval opened the rink to the public for one last hurrah of the Olympic experience. Tomorrow is the last day you can go skating from 1-5pm. Admission and helmet rentals are $2 and skate rentals are $3. Parking is free (at least for me it was).

I went this afternoon with a few of my friends. I don’t normally travel into Richmond and naturally, my airhead of a friend told me to take an exit that basically led us to New Westminster–not where we wanted to go. Thank god for the iPhone and GPS. As I drove past the Oval, my jaw dropped. That place is massive.


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Great Olympic Quotes from International Media

So I was sitting at the kitchen table, eating dinner, glancing up the odd time to look at the News Hour on Global TV, when I saw all of these quotes from newspapers and websites about Vancouver and the Olympics being broadcast.

It turns out that the international media is raving about basically everything Vancouver has to offer. This is a big plus for Tourism Vancouver, which has put together a collection of quotes–the ones that were broadcast–and made sure to ignore any negative things the media has said about the Olympics. Check them out.

“You’re gorgeous, baby, you’re sophisticated, you live well… Vancouver is Manhattan with mountains…” - The New York Times

“Vancouver is a city unlike any other. Wherever I look, I see water or mountains–or both. And everyone looks so healthy.” - The Daily Telegraph

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If you wanted to see patriotism today, you had to be in Vancouver

Words can’t even begin to explain what happened in Vancouver today. It was one of those once in a lifetime things that you knew you would regret if you didn’t partake in the glorious festivities.

I started my day by pulling my Luongo Team Canada jersey over my head and heading out the door to go Downtown for the final time during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Even at the smaller SkyTrain station where I began the day, people were decked out in red, white, and giant Canada flags. I decided to hang around Starbucks in the Chapters by Robson Square for an hour or so before meeting up with my friends. Just looking out the window, I could tell everyone was stoked about the upcoming gold medal hockey match between Canada and USA. (I love the love-hate relationship we have with the States.)


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Vancouver 2010: Olympic Records

What a great day for Canada yet again as the Vancouver 2010 Olympics comes to an end! :)

Mathieu Giroux, Lucas Makowsky, Denny Morrison: Men’s SpeedSkating Team Pursuit – GOLD
Jasey Jay Anderson: Men’s Snowboard – Parallel Giant Slalom – GOLD
Lascelles Brown, David Bissett, Chris le Bihan, Lyndon Rush: Four-Man Bobsleigh – BRONZE
Kevin Martin, John Morris, Marc Kennedy, Ben Herbert, Adam Enright: Men’s Curling – GOLD

Canada’s medal count now reads:

Now, what’s so special about the number 13 here?

  1. Canada has won more gold medals here in Vancouver than in any Winter or Summer Olympics. We got 10 gold in the 1984 Summer Games, and 10 each in the 2002 and 2006 Winter Games. So we have broken our own record.
  2. Canada is now tied for the record of most gold medals at a Winter Games, with the Soviet Union in 1976 and Norway in 2002.

What does this mean now?

  1. We can beat the most-medals-at-a-Winter-Games record if Canada wins in the men’s gold medal hockey game tomorrow against USA.
  2. No other country can now catch up to Canada in terms of gold medals.
  3. Canada > USA no matter how many medals they may have gotten :)

Vancouver 2010: Olympic Outings #10 & 11

What a great day today eh, Canada? I didn’t have time to blog last night about yesterday so I’ll stuff two days into one blog post. Again, I’m gonna try to breeze through this.

So yesterday, I plastered a ginormous maple leaf on my face and headed out the door. En route to Canada Northern House, I passed by the Royal Canadian Mint, and the lineup was just absolutely outrageous. There wasn’t just one line either; there was one line to be able to go upstairs to touch the medals, one line to just get in to visit the boutique and buy stuff, and one line just for a bloody coin exchange. The lineup was supposedly 6-8 hours long. I can only hope those people had a ton of fun waiting in the cold.

Canada Northern House was pretty interesting; it focuses on the 3 territories of Canada: Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

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Vancouver 2010: Olympic Outing #9

I realize there was no Olympic Outing #8, but I left that with my trip up to Grouse Mountain. I’ll try to breeze through where I went and what I did today as I’m incredibly tired but don’t wish to leave this post until tomorrow. Note that my pics are somewhat sloppy today; it was amazingly cold and the famous Olympic mittens don’t allow me to move my fingers around (aka I didn’t wear them).

Main stop of the day: LiveCity Yaletown. It opened @ 11am and naturally, there was a huge lineup. We even had to go through security to get into the place, but the lines went by fairly quickly.


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